1. What is hongke's business model?
hongke is a projector lamp R&D and manufacturing house. We sell lamps or burners to distributors in different territories or countries. End-users are welcomed and will be re-directed to our local distributor. 
 2. What is lamp with housing (cage or caddy) or without?  
Lamp without housing is called bare lamp. Lamp with housing (plastic cage sometimes with metal part, screw, and connector, etc), is called lamp module.
 3. The lamp offered by hongke is with plastic housing or not?  
hongke offers bare lamps for hundred of projectors models. We will develop lamp module for your special request but some conditions may apply.
 4. How to do the Lamp replacement in a projector?  

If you have the option to buy a bare lamp for your projector , you will need a basic technical knowledge to replace it. By buying just the lamp you do not get the 'housing' around the lamp and changing it can be a difficult job, often resulting in damage or difficult to put all the parts back to the original state. We highly recommend you send the old lamp module to our local service centre or distributor if you do not already have extensive technical knowledge of projectors and/or electrical hardware.

 5. What are tips of extending the lifetime of a lamp?  

  Don't keep the projector in a closed chamber without ventilation, or any circumstance that makes the projector to become overheated. Excessive heat will cause the projector a shorter lifetime.
  Operate your projector in a clean and less dust environment. Use air cleaning machine in the room is also helpful.
  Clean air filters regularly. Utilize the "economy mode" if it is available with your projector model in the environment.
  Turn off the projector to ensure that the projector has had an adequate cool-down period as stated in the user manual.
  Turn on must be at least 5 minutes apart if the projector is just off.
  Don't shake or vibrate the projector when the machine is on, especially when the projector is in the cooling down. The bulb is fragile when the machine is on and cooling down period.
  Lamps are fragile in certain circumstance. When changing a Lamp, never touch the actual bulb (or burner) itself. The oils on your fingers may stay on the bulb causing a heating spot. This may cause it to explode or burn out faster when the overhead projector is on.  Use a cloth or a tissue to handle the bulb when installing it in the overhead projector.
 6. What is the warranty period of the lamp from hongke?  
Usually 500 hours or 3 months time after receiving the lamp if there is no other warranty condition applied.
 7. What if the lamp is not working, how can I do with it?  
If it is within the warranty period, please return it to the distributor where you purchased from. Our local distributor or service center will help you in the shortest time possible.
 8. What is the simple description of the technology that used in the hongke's lamp?  
Our lamp technology is UHR (Ultra high pressure Mercury lamp for replacement) or AUP (hongke-Ultra-High-Pressure Mercury Lamp for projector). A vapor or gaseous discharge lamp in which the arc discharge takes place in mercury vapor. Radiation from the mercury arc is confined to four specific wavelengths in the visible portion of the spectrum and several strong lines in the ultraviolet.
 9. What is the lamp recycling program run by hongke?  
Projector lamps are pressurized to extreme levels and containing chemicals such as Mercury which is hazardous to lives and environment, and need to be treated with great care. In the interests of safety and responsible disposal, hongke will dispose of your used lamps which collected by our local distributors and send to us in a batch.